Lalicat fingerprint browser official website:
Note: Yiluproxy download is a compressed package. First, you must unzip the software for use. If you double-click directly in the compressed package, it will not work normally.
Yiluproxy official website:

The configuration logic is the same as that of the 911 proxy: both connect the Yilu proxy and the Lalicat fingerprint browser through multi port forwarding.
If you want to open 50 Lalicat browser windows at the same time, 50 IPS will be configured for 50 ports in the Yilu proxy.

1、 Basic settings of Yilu proxy #

Drag a software program, such as Chrome browser, from the computer desktop. Remember not to drag the Lalicat fingerprint browser program. Otherwise, the connection will be unstable.

Select other proxy tools;

Listening address drop-down selection:
Finally, remember to click save

2、Yilu proxy port forwarding configuration: configure one IP for each port #

3、Lalicat browser proxy IP configuration: configure a port for each Lalicat browser #

Add browser – basic configuration – proxy settings
Added browser: cick small rocket or click edit

4、Configure more forwarding ports: configure as many ports as you want to open the browser window #

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