How many browsers can a computer turn on simultaneously?

This mainly looks at the package and computer configuration that you buy. #

If you buy a SOLO package, you can open 200 windows at once, and so on. How much does the Lalicat fingerprint browser package cost?
This, of course, also depends on your computer configuration, the higher the computer configuration, 1 computer can open more browsers. Lalicat fingerprint browser software installation hardware recommended configuration requirements.

If your computer is not configured enough, not open not many browsers? #

It doesn’t matter, the Lalicat fingerprint browser package is only bound to the account, whether the main account or sub-account is not limited to the computer login at the same time, will not be kicked each other. (Both trial and paid versions are limited to simultaneous logon)

And all the browser fingerprint data and account data can be automatically synchronized to other computers, so you can cooperate with multiple computers to solve the problem of low computer configuration.
If you don’t have enough packages? How to customize the incremental package for your browser/subaccount?

Can a computer open multiple browsers and have a different IP? #

Yes, Lalicat Fingerprint browser can create a unique fingerprint browser without restrictions and can give each browser to configure a separate proxy IP: Lalicat Fingerprint Browser-proxy configuration tutorial summary.

I have a lot of accounts, how to buy a package? #

Generally speaking, a browser logging in to an account of a platform can also log in to an account of multiple platforms at the same time.
If you have less than 200 items, then you can buy the solo package. If you have 300 accounts, then you buy the team package, and so on.
If you have 50 Amazon accounts, 50 FB accounts, those where you can buy a solo package.

What does the account number prevent association means? How can you avoid the account association?

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