Proxy IP Configuration

Account prevention correlation means that multiple platform accounts cannot log in to the same computer under the same IP (or router), which allows the website to restrict login registration or associated seal.

As one browser logs in to multiple Amazon accounts; but accounts on different platforms can log to the same browser, such as one Amazon account, one FB account and one google account.

Therefore, when using and configuring the Lalicat fingerprint browser, the IP, account and browser profile should be unique and one-to-one corresponding, that is, 1 platform account should be configured with 1 proxy IP and 1 browser configuration file.

Lalicat fingerprint browser proxy type support: HTTP / HTTPS / Sock 4 / Sock 5.

The main requirement of proxy IP is to prevent the association of IP address; the second is to use external proxy IP or proxy software to meet domestic and overseas business needs.

Any proxy IP can be applied to the Lalicat fingerprint browser, but different proxy software has different configuration methods.

The Lalicat Fingerprint browser software itself does not provide proxy IP service, and requires users to buy another third-party proxy IP (with IPv6 support).

Browser network speed depends on the speed of the agent, and the Lalicat Fingerprint browser software itself eats no network speed, and does not limit the connection to any site.

If the test with another agent, but the login browser can not surf the Internet.Solution: you can open another VPN on the native computer with the Lalicat fingerprint browser to solve the problem that the agent can Ping, but the browser cannot access the Internet.

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