If My Plan Is Expired, My Account data Still Exist?

The created browser profile or subaccounts are permanently saved, and all the cache files and cookie data in the browser are permanently valid, and automatically synchronized to the cloud, even if the package expires.

The deleted configuration can be retained for a 7-day time limit in the Recycle Bin, and the system cannot be completely deleted after 7 days.

The recharge renewal is even if it is effective, so if there is a suspension of your business in the middle of the business, you can not renew it first. When you need to use it, the random renewal takes effect at any time, and the intermediate gap does not need to supplement the price.

If the adjustment in the use of Lalicat fingerprint browser package type, has created a good browser and subaccount can continue to use unless you delete the browser and child account, all have created a good browser and subaccount can continue to use, without any change in the number of browser and subaccount changes.

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