NoProxy(Direct Connection Mode)

As long as [noproxy (direct connection mode)] is selected, the local IP will be used. If HTTP / Socks4 / Socks5 / HTTPS is selected, only the configured proxy IP will be used. Even if the proxy IP fails, only the configured proxy IP will be used.

IP requires the purchase of another third-party proxy server (IPv6 support), and the software itself does not provide IP proxy services.
Proxy type support: HTTP / HTTPS / Sock 4 / Sock 5, to open more Lalicat fingerprint browsers. If you use a mobile phone hot spot or native VPN or use SSR, v2rayN, you can only open the Lalicat fingerprint browser alone.


Using a mobile phone hotspot or local proxy SSR, v2rayN, or ladder operation steps:
1) The proxy server settings in the figure above for the [startup proxy server] are not enabled;
2) After cutting 1 line IP first, open 1 Lalicat fingerprint browser separately, and login 1 business account in this browser;
3) If you want to operate the second business account, first close the first Lalicat fingerprint browser, then cut 1 line IP, and finally open the second browser alone;
4) Operating the 3rd business account, and so on.

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