1. Install the Luminati Proxy Manager: http://www.luminati.cc/download on a local or domestic server

2. Open the Luminati Proxy Manager and start the Luminati proxy manager. After startup, the browser interface is automatically opened for management

3. Start creating the proxy port

(1) Luminati login-> Start creating a proxy port

(2) Network Select Lumitnati by default. Channel: Select Create the channel yourself

(3) Configuration Default Select Browser (Puppeteer / Selenium)

(4) Create a proxy port

(5) Close

4. Download and install the Lalicat fingerprint browser: https://www.lalicat.com/download

5. Open the Lalicat fingerprint browser, as shown in the figure below, and create a new browser configuration.

6. Set up the proxy server, for example, use: HTTP Proxy, After setting up, click the test proxy in the following figure.

7. Test the proxy, and remember save the profile after passing.

8. If multiple ports need to be open, and each port corresponds to a different IP address, you can enter the 24000 port proxy page and click Enter

9. General-> Number of batch creation ports-> Select the number of ports (e. g., 5), then open the “batch creation ports per IP (exclusive IP)” switch, click “Select IPs” to select which IP is used by the current port

Note: If you want many people to use Luminati’s IP together, install the Luminati proxy software on the domestic cloud server, and set the [IP address] of the Luminati proxy server to enter the public network IP address of the server, instead of in the video. ( Means a local IP.)

Note The LPM of Luminati proxy should be set up on the domestic cloud server. If it is set up on the Hong Kong or foreign Ali Cloud and causes no Internet access or the Internet speed is very slow, you can open another VPN locally. The IPM is installed in VPS or Ali Cloud: http://www.luminati.cc/lessions/111

Luminati proxy is relatively strict in IP management. If you find that some websites can be connected in the same browser, and some can not connect, it means that the official Lumi background has made website login restrictions for your account. Please contact Lumi customer service to solve the login restrictions. (There is a letter in the registered Lumi’s mailbox. It has the contact information of the account manager)

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