Http/Https/Socks5 Proxy

1. Click [Add browser] – [Basic Configuration] – select [Proxy settings]

2. Select [noproxy direct connection mode] to use your local IP. If you have VPN software such as SSR agent, v2rayn or ladder, you can also achieve the proxy effect. Just note that all direct connection modes can only open a browser alone.

3. Select the corresponding proxy type: HTTP / HTTPS / Socks 4 / Socks 5 Proxy (required)

4. Fill in the IP address, port, account number, and password (IP address and port are required; the account number and password are not required, enter if any)

5. Click [check the network] to display the specific IP information, indicating that the test has passed, and you can use this IP to surf the Internet.

6. Save the settings.

7. You can also edit the generated browser, reset the agent, click the small aircraft picture in the browser or click Edit.

FAQ: the test proxy can pass, but enter the browser but not the network, is generally 3 situations:

1. IP has no traffic, ask IP customer service.

2. IP whitelist with restrictions, ask IP customer service.

3. The IP itself has to be used by turning over the wall, which can be solved with a local VPN.

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