1. The sub-account is used for sub-account team cooperation. If the main account is used by the boss, the sub-account can be allocated to employees.

2. The sub-account can share the package content in the main account, and the main account can assign permission to the sub-account to create configuration files.

3. Between the main account and the subaccount, and between the subaccount, you can not see the browser profile created by each other.

4. Browser profiles can be shared and transferred with each other between the main accounts and the sub-accounts, and between the sub-accounts.

5. The main account has all the management permissions of the sub account, such as changing the password, deleting and allocating the number of saved browsers

6. Sub-account can be deleted and changed. When the sub-account is deleted, the configuration in the sub-account will be deleted together. Please backup or transfer the configuration before deleting the sub-account.

7. The DOME trial version doesn’t have a subaccount, but the Solo plan and above have the sub-account function.

1.Create a subaccount #

Click [my account – sub account management – add sub account – fill in information – complete] to create a sub account.

2.Assign a subaccount to create a profile permissions #

1) Open browser profile creation, view configuration file and proxy editor according to requirements;

2) When it is not opened, the sub account has only use rights and does not have the permission to create and edit the browser;

3) The main account can set the number of browser configuration files that can be created and saved by the sub account according to the demand.

3.How to log in to the subaccount? #

The sub-account and the main account log in the same, both in the Lalicat fingerprint browser software client.

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