How to buy a plan?

Q: What’s the difference between the 4 plans?

A: The function of each plan is the same, only the quantity difference, Personal is 200 browsers + 5 subaccounts, the team is 500 browsers + 10 subaccounts;

For example, the Personal plan is 1 main account + 5 sub-account, sharing 200 browser configurations. Inside the package is the number of saves, such as the Personal plan with 200 browsers saved simultaneously, or 200 browsers available to open simultaneously. These 200 browsers can be deleted and then created at any time, and the total number of saves is unchanged;

Each new browser is separate, do not repeat the unique fingerprint browser, can create new anti-associated browsers;

The Lalicat fingerprint browser plan is only bound to the account. Both the main account or sub-account is not limited to the computer login at the same time, and will not be restricted by kicking each other.

Q: I have a lot of accounts, how to buy a packages?

A: Generally speaking, a browser logging in to an account of a platform can also log in to an account of multiple platforms at the same time.

If you have less than 200 accounts, then you can buy the personal plan. If you have 300 accounts, you should buy the team plan, and so on.

If you have 50 Amazon accounts, 50 FB accounts, those where you can buy a personal plan.

1.Subscribe Package #

1) Click [Lalicat fingerprint browser software – my account – package management – pay package] to purchase. (only the primary account can subscribe to or renew the package)

2) After clicking [pay package], select the package suitable for you, and scan the code to complete the payment.

2. Renewal Package #

1) Login the Lalicat fingerprint browser software, click “my account -> package manage ->renewal” to purchase(Only the registered and paid account can renew their plan)

2) After selecting the renewal duration of the current package, and scanning the code in the lower right corner, you can complete the payment easily.

3) After the payment completed, the package will be automatically restarted rightly in several seconds.

3. Upgrade Package #

If the number of existing plans is not enough for your business, you can buy a higher grade plan after click “change package” to finish the steps as similar as above steps any time.

The advanced plan covers the total number of browser fingerprint profiles, the total number of sub-accounts, and the timeliness of the low-level package.

1) Click [my account – package management – change package] to purchase. (only the primary paid account can change the package)

2) After clicking [change package], select the advanced plan which is suitable for your business, and scan the code in the lower right corner to pay the price.

3) After the payment, the advanced plan will be started automatically and take effect in several minutes.

For example, the Solo ‘s plan has been used 10 days, now is only 21 days left. If upgrade to Team plan, please just pay for the price gap between solo plan and team plan.

The difference listed as follow:

Total number of browser fingerprint profiles is from 200 to 500;

Total number of subaccounts  from 5 upgraded to 10;

The time limit of the upgraded plan is: 10 + 31=41 days have expired (of which 10 days is the remaining time of the original low-level package [equivalent] converted into the advanced package).

4. Customize Plan #

1) ① Buy incrementally on the basis of the basic plan. The more you buy, the cheaper the unit price is;

     ② If the number of customized browsers exceeds the number of basic plan, it shall be calculated according to the highest basic plan;

         If you want to customize 5000 browser configurations incrementally, it is calculated by scale basic package + 2000 incremental packages;

         Even if you are now the basic package of solo, it starts from the scale package.

     ③ The customized prices are monthly prices, and the monthly price is calculated as 31 days;

     ④  The number of customized fingerprints shall not be less than the number of subscribed packages. 

           If you subscribe to solo packages, the number of customized fingerprints shall be 200.

2) After confirming the required quantity, contact the customer service to purchase enough configurations:

5. Get a Free Trial Plan #

1) You can firstly download Lalicat fingerprint browser in our official website:; and register account in our software.

2) Contact our customer service, get a 3-day free trial package,, and inform customer service of the email account that you have just registered, and you will get a reply with a 3 days’ free plan in several minutes.

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