What does the account prevent association mean?

What is the account prevention association more login? #

Account prevention correlation means that multiple platform accounts cannot log in to the same computer under the same IP (or router), which allows the website to restrict login registration or associated seal. Like a single browser logging in to multiple Amazon accounts;

However, accounts from different platforms can log in to the same browser at the same time, such as one Amazon account, one FB account, and one google account at the same time.

Therefore, when using and configuring the Lalicat fingerprint browser, the IP, account, and browser profile should be unique and one-to-one corresponding, that is, 1 platform account should be configured with 1 proxy IP and 1 browser configuration file.

You cannot open multiple browsers or browsers with the same IP to log in to multiple accounts. A platform account can only log in to one IP and browser. If the account exception cannot be used, the corresponding IP and browser cannot be used.

Lalicat Fingerprint Browser Features #

Lalicat fingerprint browser can generate multiple physical isolations and anti-related anti-fingerprint browsers on the same computer. By simulating the software and hardware fingerprint information of the computer or mobile phone device, the Cookies, local storage, and other cache files of each browser file will be completely isolated, and the browser profiles cannot leak information from each other, to prevent the network account association due to the same browser fingerprint.

Combined with the proxy to configure an IP for each browser, you can simulate the computer and mobile phone browser in any country and region, and truly realize a computer can open different fingerprint information at the same time.

Every time a new browser is the only browser fingerprint, the saved browser fingerprint will not change, even if you click the random configuration button.

Cloning profile: this function is used with caution, the cloned profile fingerprint parameters are the same, such as the browser of the same computer, if you want the full fingerprint parameters to be the only difference, it is recommended to build a new browser profile directly.

How can you avoid the account association? #

In addition to the login environment and the IP being absolutely independent, there are also:

The quality of the payment card and business account, the information filled in, receiving address and operation techniques when registering the account, etc.,

Among them, there is a problem, the account is abnormal, can not register the account, abnormal order.

Only every link to do the position to reduce the risk of sealing.

Note: Even if clearing the cache or cookie data does not mean that the browser is clean, you can log in to a second account on the same platform. Because the browser has been logged in to the account, no matter how to clear the cache, the browser fingerprint has been recorded by the website, so to log in to the second account, only to create a new browser, is a clean browser environmen

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